Is your jewellery constantly tarnished? It could be the way you store it

Some jewellery pieces require more care than others. If you want to keep your favourites shiny, avoid storing them in this common way.

Storing your jewellery this common way can ruin it
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Storing your jewellery this common way can ruin it

What’s the worst that could happen if you ignore the care instructions and store all your jewellery in one box? Severe scratching, oxidation, and a loss of spark.

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Why does my jewellery look so dull?

According to experts, if you put two metals together, you create a battery-like galvanic cell where the ions will transport across one another and show up as corrosion. As that cell causes spontaneous oxidation-reduction reactions it will result in pitting, discolouration of the jewellery, and a loss of spark.

Copper-based pieces are most prone to these types of reactions, but silver and gold get ruined too if you store all your pieces together.

What is the best way to store jewellery?

Exposure to the air contributes to oxidation, which is why experts agree that storing items individually in clean, dry environments remains the optimum method for keeping all jewellery scratch- and tarnish-free.

Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America commented:

That’s the No. 1 tip regardless of if it’s silver, gold or platinum. Keeping them separate will keep them looking their best.

For silver, Gizzi advised using tarnish-free storage boxes specifically designed for the metal. And she warned against piling pieces into a jewellery box where they end up sitting on top of one another and getting tangled.

Instead, install dividers in a large jewellery box or store items in individual plastic baggies.

A cloth-lined jewellery box will also help fight humidity and keep additional moisture from damaging its contents.

What to do if your jewellery is scratched or tarnished?

Sadly, there is no way of saving jewellery from normal wear and tear.

To bring life back to your silver, use a commercial silver cleaner or these DIY tips. For gold, you’ll want to head to the jeweller so they can polish it using special equipment.

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