4 genius ways to wear and style your boyfriend’s clothes (boyfriend not required)

Can’t buy anything at the moment but crave a new look? Borrow from your boyfriend. You’ll definitely wear it better. Haven't got a boyfriend? Your father’s, brother’s, cousin’s stuff will do too.

Craving a new look? 4 genius ways to wear your boyfriend’s clothes
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Craving a new look? 4 genius ways to wear your boyfriend’s clothes

It’s a known fact that wearing clothes meant for men makes a woman look attractive and edgy. Besides, it’s economical and fun. Here are what items you can borrow (and keep) and how to style them.

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Turn his t-shirt into your dress

Your boyfriend’s tee can take you far on your fashion journey. Add a belt and knee boots and become the queen of minimalism. You can also go sporty and combine that tee, with its hem tied in a knot, with bicycle pants or any other stretchy bottoms.

And if the owner of the item in question doesn’t mind, you can do a bit of upcycling. Rip it in several places, do the hem fridge, add a bit of colour or turn it into a crop top.

Oversized blazers can be smoking hot

Wide silhouette, shoulder pads, the rough texture of the wool, smoking hot, right? That’s what everyone will think when you turn up wearing your boyfriend’s blazer. For a bit of a contrast, wear a tight crop top underneath. If you are up for turning heads, a bra-style top or even an actual bra top-style will do the trick.

You’ll look chic in a men’s shirt

A scene where a woman wears a men’s shirt is iconic. But these items are not just for the ‘morning after’. They can be an organic part of your everyday wardrobe. Roll up the sleeves, as they might be too long, and experiment.

A belt has the potential to turn this men’s item into a shirt-dress. A shirt tied in a knot goes well with jeans or a maxi skirt.

Opt for monotone shirts and avoid the flannel ones, these babies are meant for a different look.

Wear real 'boyfriend's jeans'

Have you already nailed ‘boyfriend’s jeans’? You might have to do it all over again if you got them in a woman’s department.Real boyfriend’s jeans, with their flows and hard-to-fit nature, are the coolest thing ever. That is if you own a good belt. Go wild choosing a top. Crop tops, tight or loose, will work but may look a bit dull. Add some glam with a satin, silk or tulle blouse, better with a bow tie. Tuck it into the jeans. Chic, rebellious, sexy.

Wearing your boyfriend’s, or any man's clothes is budget-friendly, refreshing, and environmentally conscious. Fashion is a journey, not a destination, so don’t forget to experiment on the way.

Exercise your sense of measure and don’t wear all the men’s items at the same time, or you’ll look like one. The contrast of big and small, loose and tight, masculine and feminine will create the edgy look everyone will want to copy.

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