This Is What It Really Means If You Dream Of Your Teeth Falling Out

This Is What It Really Means If You Dream Of Your Teeth Falling Out

Your tooth falls out... And you wake up startled! What is the meaning of this dream?

There are nine key things this dream could be telling you...

1. It is a sign of a drop in energy due to a decline in fitness or the hassle of everyday life. Careful, this can be a symptom of depression! This dream is inviting you to pause and take stock.

2. Stress, anxiety, and insecurity can also symbolize this type of dream.

3. You may be faced with important decisions, you can't decide, you're stuck.

4. You lost something dear to you and you could not do anything. You feel helpless in this situation, this dream reflects your frustration.

5. Have you failed to reach a fixed goal? This meaning may be useful especially if you lost your tooth after a fall or a blow.

6. A friendly breakup or the loss of a loved one can also explain this dream, especially if there's blood.

7. You are facing big changes in your life. This dream about losing teeth is synonymous with renewal and a new beginning.

8. If you were in a situation of shame and embarrassment, this dream can also explain this difficult moment.

9. If, in your dream, your teeth are loose, it probably means that you confided in someone and you regret having said so much!

Check out the video above for more explanation! 

• Ruby Smith
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