They Cut A Wasp's Nest In Half And This Is What They Found

They Cut A Wasp's Nest In Half And This Is What They Found

Among all the things it's possible to buy on eBay, a wasps' nest is one of the most unusual.

It might seem strange, but did you know you could buy a wasp's nest on Ebay for around £25. A father, his son and one of his friends decided to do just that and wanted to immortalise the event on film. So we meet them opening their unusual delivery.

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Once the wasps' nest is out of its box, they are stunned: the huge ball is bigger than a basketball! The family may have wasp nests in their own garden but they have never seen anything as big as this! But what can it contain ...?

Equipped with a pair of ultra thick gloves and a sharp saw, the father begins to work the shell to split the nest in two. Surprisingly, the huge shell is not very hard to cut through. The debris that begins to fall around the nest looks like a strange mixture of bark and kraft paper. The nest finally splits in two halves and the inside is amazing.

Needless to say, we don't recommend trying this experiment out at home...

So check out the video above to see the results for yourself! 

• Daisy Jones
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