She buys a pair of jeans on the internet and makes a shocking discovery

A woman made an unexpected find when she bought jeans on the internet. It's proof that the web is not necessarily full of good surprises. Read more to find out.

This story is one of those unlikely anecdotes that you can come across on the internet. Online shopping for clothes and cosmetics is at its peak these days. While we are delighted to receive the long-awaited parcel, for this woman, the opening of her order was more than shocking. Here's what happened.

A package that turned into a nightmare

When she opened her Nordstrom parcel, Christine Evans didn't expect to see anything other than her £89 'Not Your Daughter's Jean.' However, when she put her hand in the right pocket of her brand-new jeans, she made a discovery that was dubious, to say the least: a dirty, worn-out thong!

Disgusted, but also curious as to how the underwear got here, Christine Evans tried to get in touch with the company, and called them out on Twitter:

After many years of loyal service to your brand, I was appalled by the lack of customer service you provided when I received a pair of 'Not your daughter's jeans' with a dirty, worn thong in the front pocket.

Another tweet from devastated Evans read:

A loyal, card-holding customer. As a nurse, the numerous amount of health hazards this issue presents is astounding.

Mending ways

Quickly, the brand responded to her request on the social network:

We apologise for the inconvenience. Could you please send us more details in a private message along with your order number? We would like to look into this further.

After some time, the brand eventually offered Evans a replacement pair of jeans and told her that it was aware that no amount of money could fix the mistake. Even then, Evans found the 'responses from customer service employees did not reflect the severity of the situation.'

This incident has led Nordstrom to up their operations and make sure all packaging are thoroughly checked prior to delivery.

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