COVID-19: This shocking symptom has been identified

A startling snapshot displays the Omicron symptom that all new mothers should be aware of.

COVID-19: This shocking symptom has been identified
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COVID-19: This shocking symptom has been identified

As Omicron spreads, we're all on the lookout for indications of coronavirus. Although Omicron is milder and most people will have a cold-like illness, one specialist has uncovered a peculiar sign that all mothers should be aware of. Nikki Jurcutz, the mother and CEO of an Australian parenting organisation revealed this symptom. After she and her son were diagnosed with Covid she disclosed on Instagram that one mother's breast milk turned green.

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Milk it

The change in colour of breast milk is thought to be caused by an increase in immunoglobulins, white blood cells, and leukocytes, all of which aid in the battle against sickness. Because of its flexibility to modify nutrition to meet a baby's demands, breast milk is often referred to as liquid gold. She commented on a colour change and said:

It may look a bit gross, but this incredible colour change is the antibodies in this mama's milk doing their thing! And doing it right!
When we're lactating, our bodies are consistently doing what's like a full-body scan of both our own and our bub's body to perfectly create breastmilk for our little love's optimum health, as well as recovery from illness. It's pretty mind-blowing when you think about it!

Ashmiry, a mother of two, first posted a photo of two breast milk pouches before and after catching the virus. The white milk was expressed before her daughter was diagnosed with Covid-19, while the green-tinged milk was expressed after her family was infected.

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Organic and healthy

Ashmiry was taken aback when she noticed the colour of her milk change, but she was overjoyed since she assumed the changes meant her body was producing more nutrients to feed her daughter. She confirmed:

I really wanted to share this photo of my breast milk. It actually let me know something was going on in my body and my babies. How amazing is breast milk, it’s magical and I’m so thankful to be able to produce it especially now!
The colour change indicates that my body is making exactly what Rubi needs! Antibodies, extra fatty and just pure goodness.

When she was sick with Covid-19, she admitted to drinking breast milk. While the green milk was caused by coronavirus, this isn't always the case, so consult your doctor if you're concerned. Green milk might also be caused by what you eat and drink. Green breastmilk can also arise after consuming substantial amounts of green (or even blue)-coloured meals such as green vegetables, kelp and other types of seaweed in tablet form, or natural vitamin concentrations. Hence, you shouldn’t be concerned if your breast milk is green, it is organic, natural and good for your baby.

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