Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson are officially back together

It looks like Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott are back together for good, three months after their dramatic split. Whilst the couple have yet to officially announce their reunion, a source confirmed suspicions that they have been back on for the last couple of weeks.

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Despite Sam’s pals previously insisting that he wouldn’t take Zara back after she cheated on him, Sam and Zara are back together. Zara has been very public in her attempts to win Sam back since the shock cheating revelations and it looks like her efforts have paid off.

When did Sam and Zara get back together?

After Zara was spotted leaving Sam’s house one morning the week before last, an anonymous source confirmed to the MailOnline this weekend that the couple were back on, saying:

They are certainly back together again. This finally happened about two weeks ago now. He took her back.

The news comes after Zara confused fans yesterday by posting a loved-up snap of herself and Sam captioned:

I promise that you will always have my heart.

Whilst many initially thought this was yet another attempt to win Sam back, it now seems that she was actually celebrating their reunion.

How long were Sam and Zara split?

Sam and Zara initially split in August this year, 16 months into their relationship, after Sam discovered that Zara had cheated on him whilst on Celebrity X Factor back in 2019. Their dramatic split then played out on-screen in October in the latest series of Made In Chelsea in scenes that saw Zara sobbing as she begged Sam to forgive her.

Whilst it now seems certain that Sam and Zara are back together in real life, this may not be reflected in the rest of the series of Made In Chelsea. At the end of last week, they were seen filming emotional scenes for the series finale (set to air December 7th) in a park in Chelsea, with Zara apparently breaking down in tears when Sam left.

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott are set to get married Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott are set to get married