Toby's mum speaks out about his relationship with Chloe

Just a week from the Love Island final and Chloby have defied the odds to become one of this year's favourite couples.

If you'd asked us a couple of weeks ago we'd never have guessed that Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows would be one of the most solid and popular couples in the last week of Love Island 2021. They've certainly had their ups and downs but have proven to really care for each other— and even Toby's mum approves!

Toby's mum speaks out about Chloby

In an interview with The Sun this week, Toby's mum Victoria gushed:

I love her—I think she’s a laugh. She would just fit in so well. She doesn’t take things too seriously and she would just enjoy it in this house. I can’t wait to meet her to be honest with you. We always go on holiday together. She’ll be more than welcome to come with us.

When is Love Island meet the parents episode?

Chloe may well be coming face to face with Victoria this week as traditionally Love Island finalists' families drop in to the villa for a visit in the last week of the show. With the Love Island 2021 final set to take place on Monday 23rd August, we're likely to see the 'meet the parents' episode this week—it usually takes place in the penultimate episode, which would be this Saturday.

While some fans worried coronavirus restrictions could put families' visit to the villa in jeopardy, a source has told the Sun that the tradition is planned to go ahead. They said:

The plan is to fly out the families to Spain if they're double jabbed and happy to travel within the rules. Then there will be a socially-distanced meeting—and there will be fireworks.

The source teased that some Islanders could be in for some awkward moments, saying:

It's always the most tense day of the series and Millie and Teddy's parents will have seen a lot on TV that their kids don't know about. In fact, all of the friends and family will have outsider gossip to tell the cast, so a lot of them should be very nervous—Jake included.

We can't wait!

Love Island: Chloe and Toby tease plans to marry in the Love Island villa Love Island: Chloe and Toby tease plans to marry in the Love Island villa