The Cabins returns tonight, meet the cast

Our second-favourite ITV2 dating show is returning to screens tonight 3 January to heat up the new year. So who’s in The Cabins 2022 cast?

With Winter Love Island off the table once again, there’s a long wait until we see any more villa action on our screens. Luckily, though, ITV2’s newer dating show The Cabins is returning for its second series tonight (Monday 3rd January). The show is set to air every weeknight at 9pm on ITV2 with a special Saturday episode at 9.30pm which sees what happened to the daters after they checked out of their cabins.

How does The Cabins work?

If you missed last year’s series, here’s a quick overview of how The Cabins works. Like Love Island, the show sees sexy singles living together in a luxury holiday home to see if they hit it off. However, the sprawling villa is replaced with a cosy log cabin—and there’s one for each couple. After spending 24 hours together in the cabin, each couple decides whether to prolong the date by staying in the cabin, call it a day or leave as a couple.

One of the advantages The Cabins has over Love Island is that the concept allows it to be much more inclusive of different sexualities. Last year’s series saw fan favourite couple Sarah and Charlotte matched up—and they are now married! Meanwhile, this year’s series looks to be more boy-heavy...

The Cabins 2022 cast

Five girls and eleven boys have been announced for The Cabins 2022 cast. They include 22-year-old twins Timmy and Callum, 19-year-old weightlifter/beautician Megan who’s looking for her very own Tommy Fury, 25-year-old estate agent Taryck who’s after a funny guy who’ll get his jokes, and 23-year-old Harry who’s looking for a fun-loving girl or guy.

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