Olivia Bowen says Alex has kept this promise ever since leaving the villa

Alex and Olivia Bowen (née Buckland) are one of the most successful Love Island couples ever. Not only are they still together and happily married four years after leaving the villa, Olivia has now revealed that Alex has kept a promise he made all that time ago…

As we all know, it's a pretty impressive feat for a couple who met on Love Island to last any longer than a year. Despite the money and opportunities it can bring, staying together back in the real world has proved to be just too much for most couples formed on the show to handle.

However, series 2 stars Alex and Olivia have bucked the trend, as they tied the knot in 2018, two years after they finished runners-up - and are still going strong to this day. It makes a nice change to look back at their series knowing it all worked out.

And that's just what one fan did this week, taking to Twitter to say:

Rewatching old love island and @OliviaDBuck said she wants tea every morning and Alex says "forever?" And it is forever now, my heart.

Olivia herself was quick to respond to the fan's message and confirmed that Alex has indeed stayed true to his word, tweeting:

I get asked this a lot, and he does still bring me tea every single morning without fail. @ab_bowen07.

So, maybe the secret to a long-lasting relationship really is simply a cup of tea every morning! It's too late for any of the couples from series 4 but let's hope Siânnise and Luke T, Finnley and Paige and Tommy and Molly-Mae are all taking notes!

Love Island Olivia and Alex Bowen reveal baby plans Love Island Olivia and Alex Bowen reveal baby plans