Olivia Attwood shames influencers traveling

Olivia Attwood took to her Instagram story this week to slam influencers claiming their life is hard whilst on holiday during the pandemic.

Taking to her Instagram story, Olivia said:

Oh my god I sound like an actual hater. Do you know what it is right, it's just this meme that's been going around which is making influencers, and it's not all of them it's only a few, look so bad. It's the constant 'I'm working, not on holiday' shout. There is a difference from being able to earn money wherever you are are to being there for work.

Olivia made it clear that it wasn’t the fact her fellow influencers were on holiday that irked her, but rather their hypocrisy. She said she has family and friends on holiday now and admitted that she’d consider going away herself if the situation continues over the next six months. But she said stars who insist they’re working whilst on holiday ‘sound so stupid’.

She continued:
People legit on their stories going 'you don't know how hard it is to be an Influencer'. People are losing their family members daily, people can't pay their rent, people's life-long businesses are crumbling around them and you're on your stories on the beach telling us we don't know how hard it is.

Who was Olivia talking about?

Whilst Olivia didn’t name any names in her rant, Love Island 2018 star Laura Anderson recently took to her Instagram to defend influencers from the widespread criticism, claiming people don’t ‘realise how hard it is’ to be an influencer. Olivia and Laura have had beef before, so it’s possible Olivia was referring to Laura in her critique.

Olivia Attwood speaks out

This isn’t the first time that Olivia has broken ranks to speak out on influencer culture. Last year, after the death of Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague’s puppy Mr Chai, she slammed puppy breeders offering free dogs to influencer – although she defended Molly-Mae and Tommy, saying they’d been ‘conned’.

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