Madonna slammed by fans for recreating Marilyn Monroe’s death scene

Madonna has been attacked by fans for allegedly recreating Marilyn Monroe's dying moment. Her new naked photoshoot looks like the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe.

The 63-year-old has received criticism as a result of her new naked images. Madonna was photographed lying face down on a mattress with her bottom prominently visible in the current V Magazine cover interview. In another picture, some prescription medicine bottles were seen on a nightstand nearby. This shot has led fans to believe that Madonna has indeed created a replay of Marilyn's tragic death.

In 1962, the legendary actress was discovered dead in her Brentwood, California home, having overdosed on sedative pills. The beauty was only 36-year-old when she passed away. Fans were quick to point out that Madonna's shot in bed resembled Marilyn Monroe on her deathbed shortly after the image was released.

Attention gimmick?

As the photos of the shoot were released, fans were quick to rush to social media and backlash the 4 minutes singer. With comments and tweets ranging from people feeling ‘queasy’ from the shoot to feeling sorry for her, fans were outraged. Pop culture expert Mike Sington also tweeted,

For some morbid and eerie reason, Madonna decides to re-create Marilyn Monroe’s death bed.

As many fans showed disapproval for the shoot, several Twitter users agreed that the photographs were inappropriate.

This isn’t cool. Glamorizing suicide is the only takeaway once the shock factor wears off.

Further, fans believed that the photos were not only in bad taste but were also gross, inappropriate and for attention. The backlash continued as fans further tweeted,

I feel sorry for M, she's embarrassing herself.
Must be sad to still need so much attention. And this is so gross.

Monroe was the inspiration!

While fans were not happy with the result of the photoshoot and believed it to be a recreation of Monroe's tragic end, it was however inspired by another one of her photoshoots. The photographer for Madonna's shot was influenced by Bert Stern's series The Last Sitting, which is thought to be Marilyn Monroe's final picture shoot. This shoot was done six weeks before her death on August 4, 1962.

In her attempt to recreate Manoroe’s last photoshoot, Madonna has gone all out. She bared all in this recent shot, posing topless and wearing only a thong while lying face down with a cross on her back. While surrounded by male bodyguards, the Material Girl singer also flaunted her cleavage posing in a bustier.

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