Love Island fans are begging producers to stop giving this couple any more airtime

With only roughly two weeks left to the series, viewers are urging producers to give other couples the chance to appear more on our screens.

It seems like the constant back and forth form Tasha and Andrew has finally taken its toll on Love Island viewers...

'Shoving Tasha and Andrew down our throats'

This week, social media blew up after many noticed that Tasha and Andrew were getting a disproportionately larger amount of time on air than any other couple. Over the last few episodes, the two have been at the centre of all the drama after one of the most shocking recouplings ever took place in which Tasha chose to couple up with Billy leaving Andrew in tears.

But now that the two seem like they are finally settled on staying with each others, viewers have have had enough of their antics. One twitter user said:

Why are these two absolute bandits getting so much air time. SHOW US THE MOVIES #LoveIsland.

While another said:

Can they please stop giving Tasha and Andrew air time? I literally don’t care #LoveIsland.
A third quipped: Can we all collectively agree to vote Andrew and Tasha off next time we get the chance. I am bored of their chat.... #loveisland.

And finally a fourth viewer said:

Love island producers shoving Tasha and Andrew down our throats despite the public trying to vote them out pls give us a break #loveisland.

'Why don't they like me?'

Producers aren't the only ones receiving some heat. Following the public vote, Tasha was made aware that she was not very popular amongst viewers and broke down in tears before asking friend, Gemma Owen, why they didn't like her.

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