Love Island 2020 Set to Go Ahead – But With Some Major Changes

As summer concerts and festivals are cancelled amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a new report suggests that ITV is still planning to go ahead with filming Love Island this summer – but there’ll be some major changes to the show as we know it.

With the UK in lockdown for another three weeks, many of us have been wondering what will be happening to our favourite shows set to be filmed and aired over the course of the summer. The future of ITV2 hit Love Island has certainly seemed to be in doubt – but according to a report by American site Variety, the channel is still planning to bring us a series this summer.

The UK is currently in lockdown for at least another three weeks – and Secretary of State Dominic Raab has suggested that these measures could well last into June, so it seems impossible for Love Island to air in its traditional late May/early June slot. According to the report by Variety, producers are instead aiming for a late August/September series this time around.

There’s also a chance that this summer could see yet another change of destination for the Islanders. Whilst they’re traditionally jetted off to a luxury villa in Mallorca, in January the Winter Islanders were sent to South Africa instead. Now, the next lot could be off to a villa in the UK – as it’s currently unknown what travel restrictions could still be in place in a few months’ time.

Whilst ITV is reportedly ploughing ahead with the casting process for the next series of Love Island, one TV exec suggested that it’s still far from certain the show will go ahead, saying:

At what point can you ask people who have never met to couple up and get into bed together without having a vaccine or proof you have immunity? There are going to be myriad, complex conversations going on. It’s all down to whether you get insurance. Can you insure the show, and will insurance firms say, ‘We need to see that everyone is vaccinated or immunized beforehand.'

On top of these problems, ITV is said to be putting plans in place for extra vigilance regarding contestants’ and viewers’ mental health in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. According to Variety’s report, producers have received new guidance in dealing with post-lockdown anxieties.

Love Island may not go ahead this summer after all Love Island may not go ahead this summer after all