Fin Tapp reveals why he won't buy Paige Turley a Christmas present

Finn has revealed that the couple vowed not to buy each other Christmas presents for one good reason.

Winter Love Island winners Paige Turley and Finnley Tapp will soon be celebrating their first anniversary–but before that they’ll be spending Christmas together for the first time ever. But it looks like it won't be spoiling each other too much this year.

They may have nabbed the £50,000 prize on Winter Love Island last January and secured a host of lucrative deals with their newfound fame, but Paige Turley and Finley Tapp are planning a relatively low-key Christmas. In an interview with Heat, Finn revealed that he and Paige won’t be splurging on expensive gifts for each other. He said:

We're probably not going to do gifts as in objects or things. I think we want to go down the route of putting what we'd spend maybe on a holiday to make a few more memories, rather than just having sort of material things for Christmas. I think birthdays are a little bit different but with Christmas, I'll hand her over something and she'll hand me over something, so we were just like, 'why don't we put it towards a holiday and that's that.'

Paige and Finn’s Christmas plans

Sounds pretty sensible! If the coronavirus restrictions allow it, Finn and Paige are planning to spend Christmas with Paige’s family in Scotland–although they want to start the big day just the two of them in their flat. They’re then hoping to go and spend some time with Finn’s family–in Milton Keynes–after Christmas.

Are Paige and Finn engaged?

Rumours about Paige and Finn’s engagement have been flying around ever since they won Love Island–and Paige has recently added fuel to the fire after saying ‘Aye, let's let him pop the question. I've always dreamt of the big wedding. I want all my family there.’ Could Finn’s vow for no Christmas presents be broken for a ring?

Despite their young ages–Paige turned 23 in August whilst Finn turned 21 in November–the couple have been very open about their desire to tie the knot and start a family together, with Finn saying he wants to become a dad by the age of 25. In June, he said he wanted to propose ‘soon’ but wanted it to be a surprise…

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