A Brand New Series Of Love Island Will Air On ITV This September

Whilst we're not getting any new UK villa action until next summer, ITV have confirmed that they will be airing the second series of Love Island USA in September. The brand new show begins airing in the US this week.

Good news, Love Island fans! We're getting a brand new series of Love Island sooner than we thought! OK, before you get too excited, it's not a new UK series, that's still not happening until next summer, but over in the US they've decided to film a new series with special anti-Covid precautions - and it's going to be airing here next month!

This will be the second series of Love Island USA, after the first series aired last summer. However, there will be some big changes to the show, as the Coronavirus pandemic has seen producers relocate the villa from Fiji to a Las Vegas hotel.

Unlike with Love Island Australia which aired earlier this summer, there's no chance you'll have already seen this series as it's only just starting in the US this week! However, you'll still have to be careful if you want to avoid spoilers online, since the UK will be a couple of weeks behind the US broadcast.

ITV's Paul Mortimer said:

Las Vegas may seem like an odd destination for the show but the canny producers have beaten Covid with a show that adheres to all production protocols and that could well be sensational. Certainly the ‘villa’ is impressive and the cast diverse and amazing.

The show will kick off in the UK on September 7th on ITV2 and we can hardly wait! Check out the video above for a sneak peek at some of the Islanders who'll be getting to know each other on this brand new Love Island series!

Two brand new Love Island series have been confirmed Two brand new Love Island series have been confirmed