The Bolton Strid: England's Beautiful But Deadly River

In Yorkshire in the north of England lies this enchanting and beautiful stream. But according to locals, bathing in this river would be a fatal mistake.

In its green and enchanting environment, the stream of water, known as the Bolton Strid, in Yorkshire in the north of England, is a poetic and romantic scene hidden in a foresty landscape. In the middle of the mossy rocks and flourishing vegetation, is this river that flows peacefully and is the perfect place to sit and think. But looks can be deceiving and for those of you thinking of taking a dip, you might want to think again!

This stream is a lot more dangerous than it seems, with strong and violent currents caused by a combination of its deep riverbed and the many rocks hidden under the water. In the natural holes and abysses that have formed along the riverbed, there is a near-constant siphon effect. Anyone who dared to take a dip in these waters would be immediately dragged to the bottom.

Furthermore, according to many witnesses, no visitor that has ventured into this man-eating machine masquerading as a river, has ever come back out. All along the banks, there are multiple signs for walkers and curious visitors, warning them about the dangers and the risks that the stream holds.

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