These Are Some Of The Worlds Most Beautiful And Affordable AirBnB's

Airbnb locations can sometimes be quite nice surprises, and sometimes not. There are some places that we just dream of visiting, that are so popular that it can sometimes take up to a year to get in! Here are just some of the different yet amazing housing options out there!

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In the same way that you sometimes have to wait a year to get a reservation in a Michelin-star restaurant, some Airbnb homes can be immensely popular as well and we can understand why!

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Lost in the middle of the desert, nestled in a tree, perched on a cliffside, hidden in the forest… there are some unusual AND adorable places on offer all around the world thanks to this type of website.

Here is a small list of just some of the places we bet you wish you could stay in!

- The studio with a view in the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. From just £60 a night!

- In Morocco, you can stay in a riad in Marrakech. From just £45 a night for two people.

- A house made of bamboo in rice paddies in Bali? £50 a night.

- In Crete, you can stay in a typical cave-style cottage! £75 a night.

- A traditional Apulian dry stone hut in Italy. £57 a night.

Check out the video above to see the destinations for yourself!

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