Pedra Do Telegrafo: The Truth Hidden Behind These 'Death-Defying' Photos

The Pedra Do Telegrafo is the best tourist spot in Brazil, especially for taking daredevil photos. How exactly can tourists hang off the edge like that?

You must have come across these photos on Instagram. It’s a rock that is on the edge of a huge void, in front of a beautiful landscape, and then someone hangs off it to take a breath-taking photo. The Pedra Do Telegrafo is the perfect spot to get this kind of snap.

Located 60 kilometres west of Rio de Janeiro, the Pedra Do Telegrafo is a mountainous terrain at a height of 350 meters. This place has become really famous thanks to social networks, as many tourists have walked there to take a picture on the edge. Dads have hung their child at arm’s length off it, some clung onto the rock with one hand without any sign of fear, despite their bodies being off the edge, and others cling underneath the rock… The tourists are doing their worst acrobatics on a rock that seems to be really dangerous.

What’s the trick? It's simple yet incredibly effective - what you don’t see in the photos is the solid ground a few centimetres underneath the rock. If framed correctly, it seems like people are staring death directly in the face when attempting this seemingly risky stunt.

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