He Rented A House On Airbnb But It Was Not At All What He Expected

Ben Speller came to watch the Champions League match between Ajax and Tottenham, but got ripped off. The house he rented left him speechless.

An excited Brit went to see the semifinals of the greatest European club football competition between Ajax and Tottenham. What he didn't imagine was that the house he had rented to sleep was going to be a disaster.

Ben Speller had booked accommodation through the well-known Airbnb app, and what was originally a cabin with a private bathroom ended up being a container in the middle of an avenue, below where the city train passes.

What this British tourist found when he arrived at the address indicated was a grey container that had three mats placed on the floor and yes, it had a portable bathroom, to meet the most basic needs.

"The taxi driver and I had already gone through the container three times trying to find the place, and we thought 'this can't be'," said Ben. "We opened the door and looked inside, closed the door and left, then the taxi driver took me to a hotel," he confessed.

Speller tried to get the owner to give him back his money, but when he refused, Airbnb had to issue him a refund. Needless to say, the user of said home has been removed. Have you ever found something similar?

Source: Infobae

Image: Ben Speller - Facebook

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