Experts warn holidaymakers to travel only if they have an extra £3000 to spare

British holidaymakers could spend thousands more than expected because of pandemic expenses.

Travelling during the Pandemic
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Travelling during the Pandemic

On Monday, international travel resumed after a 19-week hiatus and many Brits took the first chance they got to get out of the country and hit the beaches in Portugal.

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Cheap deals in Portugal

According to Money Mail, the cost of vacationing in Portugal is at an all time low. Right now, a family of four can comfortably afford a holiday in Faro district for just £187 per head—including flight tickets and a four-night stay in an apartment.

But despite the appeal of a cheap holiday abroad, consumer experts are warning British holidaymakers from making rash decisions because the chances of getting unexpectedly stuck in another country is sky-high during these uncertain times.

Travelling during the pandemic

Even if you land a sweet deal in an exciting destination, travelling during the pandemic will definitely burn a huge hole in your pocket. Many countries on the green list, including Portugal, require that all incoming visitors above the age of two get PCR tests done before arrival. A single PCR test costs £150 in the UK—that’s almost as much as one person’s four-night stay in Portugal. To add to the budget, the UK also expects you to take another PCR test when you return.

Additionally, travellers must consider that if they get infected with COVID during the holiday, they will have to pay hundreds of pounds to quarantine in a hotel for another two weeks until they are tested negative.

Martyn James, from Resolver, told Money Mail:

I'd urge anyone considering travelling abroad to think long and hard about what would happen if something went wrong. And don't even think of boarding a plane unless you have at least £3,000 in available cash or credit.
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