Discover The Luxury Suites Top Hotels Have Been Hiding From You

Did you know that most top hotels have ultra-deluxe suites that can only be booked by people conforming to a very specific set of criteria?

When reserving a suite, the thing that we look for most often is discretion, tranquillity, and authenticity. But at what price do we put all these prestigious criteria together?

In Iceland, the Retreat at Blue lagoon has just opened a new suite. The hotel, which opened only three months ago, is already one of the most sought-after in Europe. The suite is already displayed as full and yet it is not mentioned anywhere on the website. There is neither a photo nor a description. You can only reserve it if you receive an invitation, either by an old customer who has had that privilege, or directly from the hotel manager.

Only VIP customers can access the deluxe Iceland room, for the charming sum of £8,000. For such a price, customers get an incredible view overlooking volcanic rock. The suite is 195m2, benefits from a spa and has private access to a turquoise blue lagoon. For optimum tranquillity, it has restricted access, with its own entrance and even a heliport. Other customers at the hotel are not aware of its existence.

Trust and discretion

If discretion is on the of key points of these secret bedrooms, another criterion comes into play: trust between the hotelier and the customer. For Stephen Brandman, manager of the luxury Journal Hotels, respect for the surroundings is essential.

'A bedroom costs a minimum of £1,800 a night, so we don’t want to have a group of kids who split the price to come and party.'

In these suites, there are normally luxury items, rare and precious tables or big grand pianos. That’s why reserving these one-of-a-kind rooms can only be done with the invitation of the hotel manager or other VIP customers.

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