These inventions seem weird but are completely normal in Japan

Japan is a country that seems to be ahead of the rest of the world with its weird inventions. But what seems weird to us, is their normal.

Japan is a wonderful country and is very advanced when it comes to technology. Japan has definitely come out with some unique and interesting inventions, that to the rest of the world seems completely out of the ordinary.

Silent karaoke

One of the unusual inventions is the silent karaoke machine. It basically does what it says, allowing you to sing but without disturbing others. It was invented in 2019 and roughly costs $31 (£25). You hear the music in the earphones, you then sing into the funnel microphone, which reduces 70% of the noise.

Umbrella lock

This one is just like a lock for bikes, but instead for your umbrella, and it stops people from stealing umbrellas. Invented in 2018, this is actually quite a handy device which can be found at the entrance of supermarkets, meaning you don’t have to walk around the shop with your umbrella.

Multi-level parking lots

This may be one of the weirdest but most convenient inventions. In 2008 Sanoyas Hishini Meisho invented multi-level parking lots. This type of parking helps save space and offers even more parking spaces to the public. There are now 1.6 million automated parking systems in Japan.

Remote control mop

If you enjoy moping, then this Japanese invention is for you. In 2015 a remote-controlled mop was invented. Turn your chore into a game making cleaning less boring. You can buy this for $87.53 (£69,96).

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