Woman who lost her teeth through pregnancy shows off gorgeous new look

The 36-year-old mother of four developed worsening dental problems throughout all her pregnancies, leaving her completely toothless.

Alicia, who goes by princxssglitterhead on TikTok has gone viral on the social media platform after showing off different new looks.

Her before-and-after video shows her transforming from toothless and makeup-free to a drop-dead gorgeous hottie.

Alicia, who lost all her teeth throughout the course of her four pregnancies, is now using clip-in dentures and hopes her videos would help people embarrassed about their dental issues.

How did she lose all her teeth?

In a tell-it-all video on YouTube, Alicia said she never had dental problems growing up. When she got pregnant with her first child at 21, she experienced some toothache but paid little attention to it.

It took losing her two front teeth to get her to appreciate just how much toll the pregnancy had on her body.

It took a huge hit on me emotionally that I was losing my teeth...[My husband] married me with perfect teeth ... and then the next year his wife is missing front teeth.

She went on to have three more babies by the age of 31 with each pregnancy worsening her dental health. Insufficient resources forced to seek limited short term solutions.


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Luckily for her, she was introduced to a dentist who worked out a long-term financial plan for her to design the clip-in dentures she is rocking today. It costs her almost £17,000 which she has to pay over a five year period.

It's been over two years for me, and I'm really still feeling so stunned that I feel like myself.

Pregnancy-related dental issues

According to Alicia, genetics and poor nutrition contributed to her tooth decay and the fact that she’s avoided going to the dentist’s after a mishap she had there as a child.

Medical professionals say tooth problems during pregnancy can occur due to hormonal, diet, and behaviour changes.

But this can be prevented with proper dental care such as brushing teeth twice daily and rinsing out one’s mouth after throwing up during the morning sickness phase.

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