This woman lives in a shipping container, but what’s inside will take your breath away

Lulu lives in the United States in a shipping container! She has magnificently transformed this container into a home for her and her daughter.

This woman lives in a shipping container, but what’s inside will take your breath away
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We've seen some pretty strange and crazy home renovation ideas and stories over the years, some of which probably inspired people to run straight to their local DIY store and try it out for themselves. But this one takes the cake!

Shipping container

A simple container?No, a home! Lulu spent a month working on designing and creating her new home.And the result is incredible. With no prior experience in building, Lulu did her own insulation, installed the windows and put in the kitchen. All of this for just 4,000 dollars. A living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom… it has it all! And what’s more, the view is spectacular! Lulu spoke to Fair Companies in an interview, admitting that at first she was a little worried about the move:

I think I’m a little claustrophobic, so the storage container was a little daunting, but I got the container for free.

New trend

It should be noted that although this type of container-house seems quite primaeval, in Europe, more and more housing constructions are using old containers that are no longer in use, as their foundations. In France and Germany for example, there are quite a few student residences have been built using them.

This technique has two advantages. It allows old materials and containers like this to be reused, which has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly, but also strongly reduces construction costs!

Check out the video above to see this impressive house for yourself!