This US Mum's Tea Making Technique Is Sending the UK Into Shock
This US Mum's Tea Making Technique Is Sending the UK Into Shock
This US Mum's Tea Making Technique Is Sending the UK Into Shock
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This US mum's tea making technique is sending the UK into shock

One US mum, Michelle, decided to upload a TikTok video on how she makes 'British tea' and her technique has left UK viewers traumatised.

This American woman's attempt at makingtea has left the entire UK fuming as she uploaded the video on TikTok for all to see.

The mum, who now lives in the UK, has previously demonstrated the way she drinks'hot tea'. But, it's not the microwave heating technique that offended the entirety of Britain but it was also the ingredients. Believe it or not, Michelle does not like any actual tea in her 'hot tea' but rather an unusual array of sugar, lemonade powder, tang (orange powder) and cinnamon.

This original video created an uproar online and famous brand Yorkshire Tea even commented on the video stating:

*Watches video* *Closes tab* *Burns computer*.

Another user hilariously claimed:

No wonder Americans don't like tea. They've never had it.

Many others left some similar comments but may Brits were left wondering how traditional 'British hot tea'would be made 'American style'.

So, Michelle jumped back on TikTok for another tea making video and somehow, could you even believe, this one would be more distressing than the last:

So I got a lot of questions after my last video.... Everyone wanted to see me make hot tea, or British tea.

The American started off not by putting in the teabag, but by filling the cup up with water and putting it in the microwave for one minute. Now, we get that America doesn't really use kettles on the reg but Michelle lives in the UK so surely she would know better by now.

Then, she fills half the cup with milk, adds the teabag and also about a half a kilo of sugar before giving the beverage a stir.

Even this technique sent people crazy and we can understand why, it's not just the obscene amount of milk but surely all that sugar is putting the mum on a fast track to diabetes. One viewer who witnessed the great tea massacre stated:

I'm sort of triggered. Why so much sugar? I just died for a minute.

Another viewer stated:


A third exclaimed:

I'm British and QUAKING!

Watch the video above to see the shocking techniques for yourself!

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