This Sweet Graduation Photo Has Gone Viral For One Surprising Reason

This Sweet Graduation Photo Has Gone Viral For One Surprising Reason

A father and daughter recreated a very touching photo 18 years later – it’s enough to make people on the Internet happy!

Attending graduation is an exceptional event in any young person's life - and for their family. Graduation robes, speeches, receiving your precious diploma in front of an audience… It's a really special day.

Everyone comes with their loved ones to capture the beautiful moment with photos and videos. That’s what 19 year old Tori Roach, a high school graduate from Huntsville, Texas, did. 

She shared a sweet photo with her father on Twitter. Since this post went online on May 28 2018, it's got people talking because of its resemblance to another photo.

Same place, same occasion 

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Next to the image of her own graduation, the young American put a picture of the same event but that of her father’s 18 years earlier. In the photo the man held in his arms… Tori Roach, who was just a baby.

This photo, featuring the same pair but taken 18 years later, aroused interest and emotion on social networks. Special interest was taken in the girl’s father whose physique obviously pleased viewers, meaning that the young graduate had to specify that her dad, now aged 37, was not single and that he was even expecting a child. 

This post, which dates back a year, has been in the spotlight again this weekend as many young Americans have graduated. The beautiful story of this photo has therefore been revived.

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