This man took his girlfriends sister on a date for one surprising reason

This Twitter user had the crazy idea to take his girlfriend's little sister on a date, when she's was only 12 years old!

His purpose, however, was noble: to show a girl of twelve how a boy should treat her later when she's old enough to go on dates. Although this method might seem a bit inappropriate, it's nevertheless been immortalised by a Tweet shared by the young man... which was then shared more than 25,000 times by Internet users!

However, the reactions from users on social media were mixed. Some people called him a hero and said that there should be more men like him to out there setting an example. But others didn't fail to mention the "strange" or "disturbing" side of what he did. Hard to know what to think...

On one hand, his actions could be considered commendable because he cared enough to show this young woman how she should expect to be treated and how a good and caring man should behave.

On the other hand, it really was not his responsibility to teach a 12-year-old girl how boys should be treating her. She is still being raised by (hopefully) caring parents who should be setting an example of how partners should treat and respect each other.

To help defend him, the younger sister finally spoke out on Twitter:

It wasn't scary; I had a great time.

Let's hope that's enough to silence everyone's criticism!

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