This man has never cut his hair in his life!

A man and his unusual hair are making the rounds on the web! Keep reading to find out why this Indian man is considered as a 'living god' in his region.

Doddapalliah has become a real star in his town. Why? At 95, he has never cut his hair.

Originally from the town of Molakalmuru, in the Indian state of Karnataka, the old man claims never to have cut his hair. His hair is said to be about 23 feet long and forms incredibly thick dreadlocks. But if this Indian man has never cut his hair, it is for a very special reason.

Considered a local icon

In India, hair is honoured in many rituals, but it is also the focus of great religious symbolism. So Doddapalliah does not intend to cut his hair for fear of losing this unique status.

In order to avoid cutting his hair, however, he has to arrange with the people of his town to help him wear this absolutely titanic hair.

His hair is obviously very difficult to style, and it is impossible for the 95-year-old to simply tie it up. So he wraps it around his head, forming a huge ball of hair that sits majestically on his head. With the help of his friends and family, he manages to keep his hair in place.

A phenomenon that is not uncommon

Doddapalliah, with his dreadlocks measuring more than 23 feet, is not the only one to have such hair. In 2013, Asha Mandela, an American, showed the media her dreadlocks, which were then more than 10 feet long. In Vietnam, it was a man who did not cut his hair for over 70 years. His hair measured 13 feet in total.

Check out the incredible images of Doddapalliah in the video at the top of the article.

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