This Little Girl Learns She’s Going to Be Adopted, Her Reaction Is Heartbreaking

This was a birthday that she will never forget. A little girl’s foster family told her in the nicest way that she was going to be adopted.

A young couple from Georgia in the United States decided they wanted to adopt a little girl. When it came down to it, they filmed the moment where they told her that she was going to become part of their family. The video quickly went viral and touched a lot of people on the internet.

A happy birthday

A little girl was celebrating her birthday with her foster family. On this exceptional day, the couple gave her lots of presents, one in particular that would change her life forever.

‘It’s another gift. I want you to read it,’ said the dad in the video posted on Facebook. Intrigued, the little girl opened the package and took out the present inside.

‘I’m going to be adopted?!’ she cries before bursting into tears. She was clearly so emotional, and her parents soon started hugging her.

A viral video

Paige Zezulka, the little girl’s mother, published the video on her Facebook account on 24th August where she also wrote:

‘This will be my favourite video I ever share. This was the day we told our daughter that we were going to be able to adopt her (and her brother and sister)!’

In her post, she told her daughter’s story. She, along with her brother and sister, lived in a foster family and didn’t know if they would ever find a family.

‘Our kids spent 1,128 days in foster care, over 3 years. It is so hard on children to live in such uncertainty,’ she wrote. She therefore chose to post this video on social media to show that ‘adopting older children and sibling groups can be the most beautiful adventure you could ever have!’ This video went viral in no time and has been viewed more than 8 million times. She really has broken the internet’s heart!

This Little Girl’s Reaction When She Finds Out She Has Been Adopted Will Make You Tear Up This Little Girl’s Reaction When She Finds Out She Has Been Adopted Will Make You Tear Up