She Met Her Clone In A Random Mall, And Then Found Out She Had Even More!

She Met Her Clone In A Random Mall, And Then Found Out She Had Even More!

During a peaceful shopping trip to a San Diego mall, Santa Gutierrez ran into her perfect look-alike. They decided to take a picture together but Santana didn’t expect the reaction she got when she posted it on social media…

It was a huge surprise to Santana. She said: “It’s really an incredible coincidence to have met this girl.” Santana studies at La Jolla and doesn’t usually go shopping in this mall.

Isobel, Santana’s doppelganger, was in San Diego to work for the charity Save The Children. That was why she approached Santana in the first place.

The latter wasn’t concentrating at all on her words: “I was only thinking of one thing: she looks so much like me! And Isobel had exactly the same opinion.” It was at this point that the two decided to take a photo.

This is when the incredible event took place. Internet users claim to have found more than 6 other doubles of the girls…with supporting photos! Santana said this on the subject: “It would be great if we could all meet each other.” We look forward to seeing the photo of the group.

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Check out the video to see how much these doppelgangers really do look alike!

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