Adele snubs Met Gala for a Burger

The thirty-three-year-old British beauty has always been known for her love for junk food and, she yet again proved food over anyone or anything, literally!

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The Met Gala took place recently on Wednesday and, while most of the big names and stars were out on the red carpet showing off the craziest and beautiful costumes, Adele made other plans. Reportedly, instead of stepping out on the star-studded Gala night, the Hello singer decided to step out for her favorite In’N’Out Burgers 1000’s miles away.

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One of her fan accounts posted a picture of her grabbing a burger from the joint on Wednesday and, honestly, fans are loving it. But none of us know which out of the 368 outlets she was at and, while there is no substantial proof that it was her, the images speak for themselves. Also, this is not the first time Adele has skipped on an event for something tastier.

In’N’Out Burgers

One of her Twitter fan accounts posted an image of her, which was taken very sneakily as she was in the line and waiting for burgers. None of the fellow customers realized that they were around this legendary singer. In the images shared, the singing queen is dressed up in a very casual and chic manner. She is wearing a black blazer with a vest top and a black mask, with her hair tied back in a ponytail.

While the singer was absent from the £30,000-a-ticket New York event, fans adored her skipping on such an event and captioned the photo,

Everyone is at the Met Gala, Adele is at In-N-Out burger

Other fans kept on outpouring love on her for this move and believed that she did the right thing.

She has her priorities right!
Smart girl. I ain't paying $35000 to an event I'd want to flip almost everyone off at. That's a special kind of stupid.

Always Been Like That

Adele has always been somewhat of a food junkie whose coping mechanism seems to be In’N’Out Burgers. A similar situation happened back in 2016 after her Grammy awards performance was plagued with technical issues, it was quite a bummer for the singing star. So, naturally, after the event ended, she skipped on the after-party, headed on for her favorite burger place in New York, and tweeted,

The piano mics fell onto the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. S**t happens.
Because of it though... I'm treating myself to an in n out. So maybe it was worth it.

A similar incident happened in 2009 when she went to her first Grammy Awards and won two of them, she skipped the party again and headed out for ‘two milkshakes’ to match her two Grammy awards.

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