Adele: Team revokes her Instagram rights in fear she'd 'get drunk' and post

The Easy on Me singer appears to have less influence over her social media accounts than you might expect. Let’s find out why.

Adele has her Instagram password taken away from her for posting
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Adele has her Instagram password taken away from her for posting

The 33-year-old English singer is deprived of her own social media accounts. She recently made an appearance in YouTube star NikkieTutorials' Power of Makeup series, where she admitted that she has no control over her social media. As she served to be a model for the influential makeup artist, she talked about many different things.

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Although she doesn’t have access to her social media as much, Adele was, however, given access to Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. She said on the show:

Obviously, the internet was just on fire during COVID. It kept everyone’s morale up.

It’s a precaution!

When Adele admitted to the fact that she does not have her Instagram passwords, she made it appear like it was a well-known fact. She admitted on the show:

I was never allowed my passwords for my socials before.

On being asked by Nikkie, if it was because of possible fan DMs and reaction, Adele explained on the show:

No, no, no, it’s because they were worried if I’d get drunk or annoyed, whatever I would do. Not responding to anyone, more just like posting my general thoughts.
I didn’t know what a Finstagram was at the time, like a fake Instagram, so I would just share like funny memes and stuff with my actual friends.

Although she was given access to Instagram during COVID, it was shortly taken away after she posted a picture herself. Looks like when it comes to her social media, her team did not go easy on her.

The only picture she posted

Adele's social media freedom only lasted until she decided to not just sit and scroll but post a picture as well. She said:

It’s the only picture I ever posted myself, and then they took my password away from me again

On being asked what picture was it that made her lose her social media rights, she hinted that it was the picture that a lot of people know about. It's suspected she was alluding to a photo she posted in August of last year of herself wearing Bantu knots at the Notting Hill Carnival, which sparked charges of cultural appropriation. Adele told British Vogue in an interview that she never removed that photo because she didn't want to pretend it never happened after hearing the backlash.

I could see comments being like, ‘The nerve to not take it down,’ which I totally get, but if I take it down, it's me acting like it never happened. And it did. I totally get why people felt like it was appropriating.
Adele's latest Instagram post sparks cultural appropriation accusations Adele's latest Instagram post sparks cultural appropriation accusations