This Awesome Mom Disguised Herself As A Dad For Her Son

This Awesome Mom Disguised Herself As A Dad For Her Son

Yvette Vasquez is a young single mom—but one day she decided to completely change herself for the sake of her son. Find out the touching reason for her transformation.

Taking her son Elijah to school, Yvette had a sudden epiphany: what if she transformed herself into a man to make her son happy? 

A radical decision

When Yvette noticed a lot of cars parked in front of her son’s school, she asked her son what was going on. Elijah responded that there was a ‘Donuts With Dad’ event that day. Understanding that her son would be the only child there without a father to share a donut with, she decided to dress up as a man.

The transformation

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She tells her son her plan. ‘But the bell rings in 10 minutes!’ he says. Without thinking twice, the mother and son rush back home. Yvette has very little time to craft her disguise. Her son, amused, says, ‘No, you still look too much like a girl!’ They end up agreeing on a baseball cap to hide Yvette’s hair, a checkered shirt, and a too-large pair of pants. To top it all off, they draw a little mustache under her nose.

Elijah’s joy

For the first time in his life, Elijah could share a day with his ‘dad’ instead of being obligated, as before, to watch from the sidelines as his classmates have fun with their fathers.  Yvette, of course, was just delighted to see her son so happy. She was also entertained by the reactions her transformation garnered. ‘Most of the dads thought it was really cool. They thought it was really supportive and sweet. I did feel the energy of a few men who weren't as comfortable with it though.’

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