These new mums displayed their stretch marks to challenge people to love their bodies

Natesha Gordon and Eleanor Smith posed nude after giving birth, proudly showing off their stretch marks to help other mothers accept the changes in their bodies. When they presented their campaign, they received cruel comments from internet users.

Natesha Gordon and Eleanor Smith are two young mothers who participated in the 'Mothercare' campaign, posing nude and proudly showing the world the stretch markson their bodies after having given birth. The mothers appeared on This Morning to promote their campaign and inspire other mums who have recently brought babies into the world and have had to face the changes to their bodies.

Many viewers applauded their bravery, but to the surprise of the young women, many other fans of the programme criticised them very harshly. On Twitter, several viewers made unpleasant comments, showing indifference towards their work, or even asking that they cover themselves up.

Natesha and Eleanor's participation in the campaign has helped them learn to love their bodies as they are. After giving birth, women often feel pressured by the need to get back to how they looked before, but what they should do is accept themselves and love themselves as they are instead of trying to hide the stretch marks.

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are scarring which causes the skin to change colour. They might diminish over time but never disappear completely. They occur during rapid periods of growth, such as puberty or pregnancy, and they can occur on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks. Since the dawn of time women have been looking for ways to treat their stretch marks, such as with olive oil, but this move might help women accept their changing bodies!

Take a look at the video above to see these brave mums' inspiring message for yourself!

After sharing candid photos of her post-baby body this woman inspired many new mums After sharing candid photos of her post-baby body this woman inspired many new mums