The radical transformation of the fattest child in the world

Arya Permana has a new lease on life after losing half of his body weight. When you see the before and after, you won't believe you're looking at the same boy!

We'll preface this by saying the story of this Indonesian child from the island of Java has a happy ending. At 10 years old, he was pushing over200kgand his family and doctors were seriously worried about his health.

Arya Permana was quickly known in the media as the 'fattest child in the world.' Weighing a whopping 31.5 stone (200kg), it was impossible for him to have a normal life like the rest of the children his age. Not only was he unable to attend school, Arya couldn’t do basic things in his everyday life without requiring help.

Hisparents told The Sun that their son only 'ate and slept' and that they spent all their savings to feed him, until one day, they decided to take action to save their son’s life. They put him on a strict dietto limit his intake of sugars and carbohydrates. In addition, the young man also underwent a gastric band operation.

But at the end of the day, it worked! Histransformation was so radical and he managed to lose more than 100 kilos. Now he can have a normal life, going to school and playing with his friends. His parents stated:

We are very happy to see him have a healthy and normal life, he is very active and in good health.

What an incredible transformation! Check out the video above to see what Arya Permana looks like now!

They Haven't Been to the Salon in 10 Years and Their Transformation is Radical They Haven't Been to the Salon in 10 Years and Their Transformation is Radical