Heart Warming Moment At Disney World
Heart Warming Moment At Disney World
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Heart Warming Moment At Disney World

At Disney World Park in Orlando in the USA, the actor playing Snow White managed to calm an autistic child’s crisis. The images are quite beautiful.

This is a story straight out of Disney. This happy ending recently took place at the Disney World Park in Orlando, USA. It concerns little Brody, a six-year-old boy with autism, whose parents decided to take him to see Mickey and his friends.

Once there, and while waiting to take a picture with Snow White, young Brody began to have a seizure. Snow White noticed this and decided to take the boy for a walk, away from the crowd.

‘It’s real magic’

And then the magic happened! Brody started to calm down, thanks to the soothing effects of Snow White's words and hugs, who was very attentive and caring. The mother, Lauren Bergner, took some photos, which you can see in the video above.

A very touching and timeless moment, as the mother described it on Facebook: ‘I am so moved when I see these pictures! It's real magic!’ Lauren Bergner continued to compliment the person playing Snow White: ‘She was incredible! She came up to him, took his hand and danced with him. She even took the time to sit with him. She was a real angel! It was magical and my family is very grateful for this moment.’

The photographs, published on Facebook, created quite the buzz, having been shared more than 160,000 times.

By James Guttridge

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