She ventured into an abandoned Disney park and what she found was chilling

After discovering the whereabouts of an abandoned theme park, this one women ventured in and what she found was even spookier than a haunted mansion...

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One brave woman took on a solo mission of exploring the grounds of an old, abandoned Disney theme park. Armed only with her camera, she ventured into the mysterious Disney River Country Park alone.

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Disney's River Country was Walt Disney World's first water park, located near Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. It was described as an 'old-fashioned swimming hole' with a touch of Huckleberry Finn.

The old theme park had been left to deteriorate for over 15 years instead of demolished, and is situated in Florida, US. Following its opening in 1976, the park faced closure due to economic problems. Since the closure in 2001, time and vegetation have transformed the grounds leaving it looking like a ghostly place, entirely frozen in the past.

It was most likely closed because Disney opened a second water park, Typhoon Lagoon, in 1989, and a third, Blizzard Beach, in 1995. Currently, there are rumours of a new project taking shape on the grounds, in the form of a lakeside lodge and hotel. The new accommodation will be named 'Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge.' Set to open in 2022, it will have 900 rooms, all of which will feature severalDisney characters.

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Abandoned table for two found in the woods of Lake District Abandoned table for two found in the woods of Lake District