She ate nothing but pizza for an entire month and the results were surprising

Molly is a young student who ran the blog One Month, 100% Pizza. For a month, the blogger decided to eat exclusively pizzas to prove that this dish, which is impossible to get bored with, can be good for one's health.

For one month, Molly ate pizzas from breakfast to dinner. She also transcribed this experience on her blog to prove that pizza is good for one's health. Concerning her approach, Molly stated:

I've always thought that pizza has had a bad reputation, and I want to show that one can eat balanced-meal pizzas and maintain and/or improve their physical condition by eating pizza all the time. By the way, I love pizza.

Eating pizza in the name of science

One might think that this blog is only an excuse to devour pizzas but Molly is completing a doctorate in food and sensory science. A seasoned sportswoman, she's also training for a half-marathon and a triathlon. She also claims that the pizza she plans to eat will contain vegetables and most won't be dripping with cheese. She'll give herself the right to eat snacks and says she's not limited to just one type of pizza:

I plan to eat it in all forms: restaurant-type, fast food-type, fine crust-type, thick crust-type, flatbread-type, breakfast pizza-type, dessert pizza-type...

After her month of pizza, Molly actually ended uplosing 4lb!

Given these results, maybe we'll give it a go!

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