Primrose, The Little Girl Born With Silver Eyes Who Was Abandoned, Is All Grown Up

The story of Primrose, a little girl who was born in a village in China, does not start very well. She did not have an easy childhood and this viral story of hostility has really shocked social media.

Primrose was born with silver eyes due to an eye condition and her parents ended up abandoning her in an orphanage as a result.

Doctors diagnosed her with congenital glaucoma and a hearing impairment. She eventually went completely blind since she did not receive proper treatment and as a result, her eyes turned silver.

Primrose spent her early years in an orphanage where she did not receive proper care due to her problems and special needs, and she ended up spending her days alone. This devastating loneliness was made even worse by the fact that, for a long time, they couldn’t find a family that loved her.

But one day, Primrose’s fate completely changed. A couple from Georgia in the United States, saw a photo on social media and decided they wanted to adopt her. They have since explained that from the moment they first saw her photo, they knew that they loved her and that she was their daughter.

Today, Primrose is a happy little girl thanks to her new family who gives her love, understanding and helps her with everything she needs.

Her story moved social media and has gone viral all over the internet. Don’t forget to check out the video at the top of this article to see how this little girl has grown and how happy she is now with her new family.

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