One little girl became the youngest mother ever at just five years old

It is the only case recorded in the world. She had to deliver her baby by cesarean section because her body was not prepared for a natural birth.

She became pregnant at five years old
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She became pregnant at five years old

These events allegedly took place on May 14th, 1939 and were reported by the French Le Point magazine. It is a very sad record to be such a young mother, even more because the girl fell pregnant due to a non-consensual act.

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A swollen stomach

In Peru, Lina Medina was five years old when her mother took her to the doctor because of her swollen stomach. At first, the doctors thought it might be the symptoms of a tumour.

The little girl's mother never have considered the possibility that her daughter might be pregnant, since Lina was only five years old. However, everything changed when her mother mentioned at the consultation that Lina had had her period at the age of three.

Precocious puberty

While most girls get their first period anywhere between 10 to 15, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later, there are rare occurrences when girls get their period much, much earlier. This is called precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is when a child's body starts to change into that of an adult too soon. Puberty usually begins around the age of eight for girls. For Lina, it started at the age of three, when she evidently got her first period.

After having undergone the appropriate tests, the doctors confirmed the news: Lina waspregnant. They then closely followed her pregnancy, which developed without major complications. As expected, Lina had to deliver by cesarean section because her pelvis was not developed enough for a vaginal birth.

Lina's silence about who thefatherwas confirmed officials' worst suspicions...

The rest of Lina's story can be found in the video above.

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