One girl had the best reaction after discovering her name on high school's sexist list

Young girls, ranked on their looks by high school classmates, decided not to let it go and went on the counterattack.

These high school girls rebelled against an act of sexism. At their school in Maryland (USA), a list of 18 girls, ranked on their looks, was circulating their school just like the situation from 13 Reasons Why. Nicky Schmidt found out about it and discovered that her name was on the list.

Instead of keeping quiet, she decided to go on the counterattack, warning the school’s administration. She told the Washington Post:

Boys with whom I was close, with whom I was hanging out, with whom I spent time, were ranking me on my looks when my back was turned. For me, it was a real betrayal.

Unity is strength

Except the high school’s reaction did not live up to Nicky Schmidt's expectations. The student behind the list was suspended for one day without this incident being reported in his file. The schoolgirl, therefore, decided to warn 15 of her friends, so that they would all go speak to the head of the school. In the end, 40 young girls turned up at the headmaster’s house in order to get the administration to react.

The high school made the decision to organise a meeting for all the students about sexism. Several girls took the opportunity to tell their stories about the sexism and harassment they face. The author of the list admitted in an interview that he regretted his actions, which he describes as ‘stupid.’

Check out the video above for the full story of how these inspiring young girls stood up to sexism!

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