Mother of two receives VIP treatment as solo passenger on a Ryanair flight

A woman was shocked to find out she was the only passenger onboard a Ryanair flight from Spain to the UK.

A woman returning home from vacation in Alicante, Spain, was stunned to learn that she was the only passenger on board the flight.

Nadina Liu, 28, said she was ‘treated like royalty’ by the five cabin crew as she enjoyed the front row premium seats of the Boeing 787-800 jet last Saturday.

Mrs Liu said she initially had no idea she would be the only one on board the 189-seat Ryanair plane until she arrived at her boarding gate to find no other person apart from her.

The mother of two who had been on five-day holiday to Benidorm with two friends said:

I got a bit worried thinking I had gone to the wrong gate, so I asked the woman on the desk if I was in the right place for the Liverpool flight and she said I was. She then added: 'By the way, you are the only person on the flight.' I thought she was joking, but it turned out she was serious.
It was a lovely feeling being on the plane by myself with the five cabin crew to look after me. It felt a bit like a private jet, although I have never been on one before.

Royal treatment

Liu had paid only around £50 for her two and a half hour flight several months ago, including the charge to take her hand luggage in the cabin.

She believes that other passengers booked on the flight may have delayed their return home until Monday 19 July or later to avoid having to quarantine for ten days in accordance with new rules that came into effect on Freedom Day.

Liu said she was not affected by the change as she has only had one jab so far, meaning that she would still have had to quarantine even if she had flown home later.

Nadia Liu who lives in Litherland, Merseyside said:

The five cabin crew were really friendly and one of them told me that it was the first time she had been on a plane with one passenger in her 15 years with Ryanair. They just told me to make myself at home and to ask them if I wanted anything at all.
They all found it quite funny and treated me like Royalty. They didn’t bother pushing a trolley along and just fetched me anything when I asked for it
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