Meet Phantom, the world's largest horse

Meet Phantom—the horse said to be the world's tallest stallion!

An seven-foot tall horse that goes by the name of Phantom is making waves on social media for being deemed 'the biggest horse on the planet.'

The biggest horse on the planet

The seven-year-old Shire, described as being bold, goofy and loving all forms of attention, was transferred to a rescue centre in Maryland because he had grown too big for his original owners to properly house him.

According to Courtney Garner, an assistant trainer for Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, most people's jaws drop at the sight of the impressive stallion. Garner also says that people who meet the colossal mammal often exclaim how Phantom is by far the biggest horse they have ever seen.

His new home has more than 300 acres available for him to roam around which has now garnered him celebrity status at the centre as horse lovers from around the world travel just to be able to see him in person.

Garner, who spends a large majority of her time with Phantom at the centre, says that his height is even more noticeable when riding him. She explains that:

We ride many draft horses everyday. He is actually the biggest horse I have ever ridden. It is kind of high being up here. And trying to get all the way up here and get back down is sometimes a struggle—but it's actually awesome because he is so big.

And added:

You would think he moves really really fast, but he's actually just kind of super slow and steady and really fun.

How does Phantom compare to other horses?

Weighing in at a staggering 2,000 pounds, Phantom is only half an inch shorter than the previous record holder—Big Jake—a Belgian Gelding who has since passed away. The average height of a male adult horse is somewhere around six and seven feet tall, making Fantom a whole foot taller than your everyday horse!

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