Man Demands Divorce From Newlywed Wife After Seeing Her Face For The First Time

Man Demands Divorce From Newlywed Wife After Seeing Her Face For The First Time

In Saudi Arabia, a man married a woman he's never seen before then filed for divorce after seeing her face for the first time at their wedding. After seeing the images, we'll let you judge just the man for yourself.

The couple both agreed to get married according to their traditions. The young muslim woman wear the niqab and can only show her face to her husband, once they're married...

At the time of the traditional wedding photo, the bride removed her veil and apparently her husband was not happy with how her face looked.

'You're not the one I imagined. You're not the girl I want to get married with, you're not the one I imagined. I'm sorry, but I refuse you'.

According to the local paper, Okaz, the man jumped to his feet and announced he wanted an immediate separation. When the man wanted to get the divorce, the bride broke down in tears and cried for the rest of the evening.

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'You are not the one I had imagined,' he told her. 'I am sorry, but I divorce you.'

Some guests at the wedding have criticised the groom stating that he caused the bride a lot of pain because of his attitude.

'Unfortunately, today, many young people are only interested in appearance and ignore values ​​and morals', he continues. Abu Nass, another guest, also agrees: 'Nobody forced him to marry her, he should have insisted on seeing her before the wedding and the engagement'.

Think he's in the wrong or is it justifiable? Check out the video above and judge for yourself!

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