Lunch Lady Was Fired For Feeding A Student Who Forgot Their Lunch Money

A school in New Hampshire has terminated a staff contract after discovering she provided a free lunch to one student who came without their lunch money. Watch the video to discover the full story!

Bonnie Kimball, a lunch lady at Mascoma Regional High School, was fired for breaching her contract, when she decided to provide lunch for a child, of whom she knew the family, under the agreement that the child would pay off the balance the following day.

Bonnie had been working in the establishment for four years prior to the incident taking place. Even though the child returned with money to pay off the existing balance the next day, Café Services, the employer, had no sympathy.

On speaking to CNN, Bonnie said that she was handed a termination letter immediately and questioned by the company’s district manager. The letter read as follows:

“On March 28th, a District Manager was on-site and witnessed a student coming through the line with multiple food items that you did not charge him for. This is in strict violation of our Cash Handling Procedures, the Schools Charge Policy and Federal Regulation governing free meals. Your final has been processed and disbursed to you.”

However Jaime Matheson, director of Human Resources for Café Services, argued that there was more to the story, “An employee of the company would not be let go because they provide this lunch to a student.”

Check out the video for more of the details!

Image: Directify

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