God Will Save Me: Woman Chooses to Wear a Bible as a Mask to Protect Her From COVID-19

Because sometimes the good book is all you need, right? A photo has been flying around the world recently of a woman in a shop wearing a Bible as a protective face mask to stop her from contracting COVID-19.

This story takes place in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, one of the countries in Africa that is currently suffering the most from the recent pandemic. As we have seen, residents have already started joining the fight against coronavirus, like the famous coffin dancers for example, who recently went viral with their catchphrase ‘Stay at home or dance with us’.

Due to the fact that the Ghanaian government has decreed that citizens must wear masks in public places to protect themselves against the virus, as has already happened in other parts of the world, there are still some people who, due to ignorance or a mere lack of mask availability, have been forced to create their own at home.

God Will Save Me

The photo that recently went viral was taken from the original video in which you can see a woman, with her back to the camera, using a credit card machine in an electronics store.

Not until she turns to leave the store can you then see the strange mask she is wearing. Although its effectiveness is questionable, it obviously caught lots of people’s attention.

To make this mask, she used nothing more than a Bible, a pocket edition of the New Testament to be more precise, which she had proceeded to strap to her face with string. Both the video and the photo went viral and there have since been lots of mixed responses online.

However, it is clear that she did put in some effort while making it, since there are meticulously placed strings at the ends of the book to hold it in place around her ears, while still covering her nose and mouth of course.

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