This Young Girl Suffered For Years After Being Abused By Her Dance Teacher

Margherita Barbieri looks back on her past and shares her emotional story about the emotional abuse she received at the hands of her teacher.

This young English girl was one of the most beautiful and talented girls in her class, but her dance teacher didn’t seem to agree. Her ballet teacher called her 'thunder thighs' and told her that she wasn’t ‘skinny enough.’ Suffering from the emotional abuse, Barbieri became anorexic.

Her teacher put her on an incredibly strict diet in which she was only allowed to eat 140 calories maximum a day. She sometimes went two days without eating and her weight dropped dramatically from a healthy 8 stone 9 lbs to just 4 stone.

Margherita battled with this severe illness. Little by little, she started to take her life backand managed to get back to a normal weight after suffering from anorexia for five years.

She started to reintroduce foods that are rich in fat back into her diet such as chocolate and butter. Now she has her radiant figure back, she certainly doesn’t regret having gained all this weight!

Since she failed to become a classical dancer, the young woman is now dancing in musicals, where her weight isn’t as much of a factor to take into account. She created an Instagram page to share her story and help others who, like her, are dealing with anorexia.

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