An elderly couple left this waitress an outstanding tip

Brianna Siegel works as a waitress at a bar in New Jersey. She recently met two clients who left her an envelope. On her way home, Brianna opened the envelope and was deeply shocked when she discovered its contents...

Brianna Siegel, a waitress at Bar Louie in Woodbridge, New Jersey, had the most memorable night of her life on Tuesday, August 22nd. That night, she met two customers she had never seen before.

About this couple, Brianna Siegel told News 12 New Jersey:

I was talking to them. They turned to me and said "Do you believe in God?" They were really nice. We were laughing together.

When settling their bill, the couple handed Brianna a tip inside an envelope.

They also made a strange request to her: Brianna was only to open it once her shift was over. She at first thought it was a prayer cardsince the couple seemed quite religious. She forgot about it but upon returning home, Brianna opened it and discovered its incredible contents:

I opened it at home and found a cheque for £1000. I kept asking myself, 'Why me? I didn't know if it was real or if it was a scam.

In addition to the money the couple left a note saying:

Bri, God cared for you. This is not a coincidence. Peter 5:7 "Cast all your cares on him because he cares for you." I pray that you are the best RN out there. Whenever it gets hard, know God got you. - B+W.

Brianna stated that the unexpected gift will finally allow her to be able to buy a much-needed car.

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