50-year-old woman charged for flashing breasts at children in a playground

Police were called in when the woman was pulled down her blouse in front of 20 children in a park in Renfrew.

A 50-year-old woman has been accused of deliberately exposing her breasts to a group of children in a playground.

The woman has been charged over the flashing incident which reportedly took place in Moorpark Square in Renfrew on Sunday.

Parents claimed their kids aged between six and 12 were left petrified by the woman’s behavior which was caught on camera by one of the kids playing in the park.


A day after the alleged incident, angry parents and locals staged a protest in front of a house in the area.

Campaigners from the Fighting Justice Group were among those at the protest. A mum who was with the group said,

Parents called the police as a young girl apparently recorded the woman doing this act. She felt intimidated by the woman and is now petrified of her following the incident she witnessed.

According to her, the police failed to show up at the time the incident was reported to them.

The aggrieved mother said they showed when the parents and kids had long left the park.

Breach of the Peace

Police confirmed that a woman has been charged since the report was made. A spokesperson said:

Around 6.30pm on September 5, police received a report of an indecency in Birch Way, Renfrew. Following enquiries, a 50-year-old woman was charged in connection with the incident. The woman was charged with a statutory breach of the peace following police enquiries.

One parent was not satisfied with the charge the suspect faces. They believe it is too lenient and could result in the perpetrator getting away with a punishment unworthy of the crime.

Breach of the peace isn’t good enough, if this alleged incident had been a male, he would have been arrested on the spot to appear at court the next day. Kids need to be safeguarded and protected against incidents and people like this.

A report is being prepared for the prosecutor fiscal.

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